Pediatric otolaryngology

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What is otolaryngology?

Otolaryngology is a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of:

  • the ear
  • the nose
  • the larynx
  • the throat
  • the paranasal sinuses
  • the salivary glands
  • the tissues of the neck
  • the organ of the balance

Patients usually visit the otolaryngologist’s office because of:

  • headaches, nose, ears and throat
  • chronic infections of the throat
  • changes of the voice timbre, hoarseness
  • cough
  • rhinorrhea, runny nose
  • leak out of the ear
  • smell disturbances
  • hearing disorders
  • tinnitus
  • dysphagia
  • disorders of the body balance maintenance

Pediatric otolaryngology – offered procedures and examinations:

1. The adenoids endofiberoscopy

This examination is performed under local anesthesia through the nasal cavity, by the flexible endoscope of about 3 mm diameter. The examination should not be scheduled during periods of acute upper respiratory tract infections.

The existing inflammation makes the endofiberoscopy much more difficult because of the nasal congestion and retention of inflammatory secretions in the nose. It can cause temporary, related to the ongoing infection, enlargement of adenoids.

The assessment of the size of the adenoids is more reliable if it is performed about 3-4 weeks after infection termination. Chronic rhinitis is not a contraindication for this examination.

If there is no general contraindication, approximately 1-2 hours before the examination, the patient is given to both nasal cavities 2 doses of the nasal mucosa decongestant – eg. Nasivin, Afrin, Otrivin etc.

2. AMSA inhalations:

AMSA inhalations are therapeutic sessions supported by AMSA pneumatic inhaler that is used to treat certain diseases of the middle ear and sinuses, in particular obstruction of the Eustachian tube.

The device produces the vibroaerosol i.e. the spray yielded by the excessive energy of acoustic waves interference. The spray application is supported by a short term hyper pressure. Thanks to the hyper pressure of the aerosol that is saturated with an active drug it penetrates into the middle ear and sinuses even through the partially obstructed ducts.

The AMSA inhaler hyper pressure hypertension is automatically controlled by patient swallowing. Swallowing activity makes the Eustachian tube end to open while simultaneously closing the nasal cavity by lifting the soft palate. The hyper pressure pushes the vibroaerosol through the specific nasal tip into the Eustachian tube and the middle ear. Repeating this exercise conditions a natural physiotherapy of the Eustachian tube.

Clinical studies show that the penetration of the drug applied in the form of vibroaerosol supported by the hyper pressure is about 100 times more effective than the penetration of the same drug administered as plain aerosol. AMSA inhalation often offer an alternative to surgical procedures like the middle ear drainage.

Inhalations are performed with the use of the following drugs:

  • ACC
  • Pulmicort 0.250 mg/ml;
  • 0.5 mg / ml Mucosolvan
  • Drugs prescribed to the patient (if others than the ones we can offer)

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