Pediatric dietetics

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Comprehensive dietary counseling for your child.

  • Dietary interview. Analysis of nutritional status and dietary habits, evaluation caloric load of the diet, the content of particular components
  • Planning the proper diet for infants and healthy children
  • Modification of the diet for infants and children with malnutrition or overweight / obesity
  • Establishing bespoke dietary recommendations for patients with different disease entities
  • Feeding disorders, including also the difficulties with proper diet composing accompanying patients with neurological problems, prematurity, congenital heart defects and genetic defects
  • Gastrointestinal diseases: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis); cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, allergies, and food intolerances (lactose or fructose intolerance), constipation
  • Planning diet for children requiring partially/entirely alternative approach to the feeding (nutrition tube/nutritional gastrostomy)

How to get prepared for the visit?

Before the first visit one should thoroughly fill out a diary of the meals consumption. The information contained herein will identify and evaluate the diet of your child (both nutritional value of current diet and habits and eating habits) and will allow identification of nutritional errors.

Diary should be completed for the period of three days – the two weekdays and one weekend day (preferably those days are following ones). If the diary refers to infants and there is no difference between consecutive days, please fill in any three days.

The diary should include all foods eaten (including products contained in the food) and snacks and fluids drunk.

It is important to be accurate about the volume  of consumed products – please note the size of the package or apply any measures commonly used (eg. 2 slices of whole cheese, 2 medium-sized tangerines, 1 cup of juice, 1 teaspoon of olive oil etc.).
Please also take into account the following information:

  • Fat content in the products (eg. a thin curd, milk 2% fat)
  • The type of consumed fat (eg. butter / margarine, canola/sunflower/olive oil)
  • The type of products (goat/cow milk; wheat/rye bread, white/wholemeal bread)
  • The type of drinks (sweetened, carbonated, water – please specify)
  • The culinary techniques used for cooking
  • The composition of the meals (eg. tomato soup with 2 tablespoons of cooked white rice, whitened with tablespoon of cream 18%)

Please also enter into the diary any information about possibly consumed dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids). In the case of infants specify the kind of milk; if it is modified milk please enter the weight / amount of scoops/ml mixture after preparation and the type and the brand name of the product.

The diary of the current consumption will enable to develop bespoke dietary recommendations for your child. That is why it is so important to be accurate and reliable while filling it in!

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