Pediatric neurology

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What is neurology?

Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. Patients usually visit neurologist’s office due to:

  • Headache, pains located in the spine and other parts of the body
  • Disorders of consciousness
  • Vertigo, dizziness
  • Disorders of balance
  • Paresthesia (abnormal sensations or sensory of numbness, tingling, sensation of the exposure of given area of the body to the electric current, etc.).
  • Motoric neurons disorders (paralysis, tremors, involuntary movements, etc.).
  • Disorders of the speech (both speaking and understanding)
  • Memory disorders
  • Disorders of smell
  • Disorders of taste

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Diagnosis, differentiation and treatment of

Diagnosis, differentiation and treatment of:

  • Neurological consequences of complicated pregnancy and perinatal period
  • Impaired psychomotoric development
  • Disorders of the speech development
  • Childhood epilepsy
  • Sleep disorders in children
  • Mental retardation
  • Neurogenetic diseases
  • Headaches in children
  • Consults results of the head ultrasound diagnostics

Outpatient consultations to treat:

  • demyelinating and degenerative diseases
  • polyneuropathy and myasthenia gravis

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